The Lilja & Lou Podcast: Episode 1 - 'Fresh Fish'

Posted: April 19, 2012, 22:06

It may not be as epic as Andy Dufresne meeting Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding for the first time in The Shawshank Redemption but our first podcast together is a big moment for both of us. Hopefully you’ll all find it interesting as we hope to do this on a regular basis.

In our first podcast we talk about the following:

1) Podcast Purpose
2) Introductions
3) The secret of how to properly pronounce, 'Lilja,' is revealed.
4) Lilja Interview by Lou
5) Current King News - Ghost Brothers, Joyland, Carrie Remake
6) King Review - 'The Wind Through The Keyhole' - spoiler free review by Lilja
7) Marv's Mailbag - we answer listener email
8) Close Out - should The Dark Tower series be made into movies and/or TV series?

Discussion in the podcast:
The US and UK cover to The Wind Through the Keyhole.

We would very much like to know what you think about it, what was good, what can be done better? This is our first shot at this so let us know how we did.

We’re doing this for you so let us know what you want to be covered in the podcasts and we will do our best to give it to you. Please post your comment below, on twitter, facebook or in an email to

Kimberly Peirce talkes Carrie

Posted: April 17, 2012, 00:15
Kimberly Peirce whos doing the remake of Carrie had the following to say about her version:

I am also modernizing the story as one has to in order to bring any great piece of work written in one era into the next and especially given how very relevant this material is right now.

Chloe is going deep into character to get this right....sewing her own dresses, spending time in her closet....and so much more....Thanks for all the great wishes. We are on it! And privileged to be working with such great source material.

Thanks to Lou Sytsma

Expanded Ghost Story synopsis

Posted: April 13, 2012, 23:45
Here is an expanded story synopsis for Ghost Brothers of Darkland County:

A malevolent shape circles around the Café, singing about his effect on the living and his role as a provocateur of bad behavior. In 1967, two lovers appear on a high cliff above Lake Belle Reve, and jump to their deaths. Joe McCandless (stepping out of time) appears to argue with himself as a ten year old (Young Joe) about whether or not to tell a terrible secret. Old Joe pushes the ghost of his own younger self down. We then see Joe lingering in the Dreamland Café, agonizing about whether or not to go “back”. Joe is urged to action by the friendly bartender.

It’s now 2007. He goes to his family cabin on Lake Belle Reve outside the town of Delight in Darkland County, MS where his brothers’ died in 1967, to tell his own sons Frank and Drake his tale of brotherly love gone sour. Frank and Drake’s relationship is under a strain as well. Drake stayed home after high school to play with a local band (that will probably always be a local band) while working as a mechanic. Frank, a college boy, will be rich after selling the paperback rights to his novel. Plus Anna, Frank’s girlfriend, used to be with Drake. And Drake’s band just bombed at the Delight Old Home Days in front of a journalist for Rolling Stone. Monique, the boys’ mother, tries to find a way for them all to get along.

The ghosts of Dan, the caretaker, who died in the cabin, Jack and Andy (Joe’s brothers), and Jenna, beloved of both Jack and Andy, haunt the cabin waiting to see if Joe will tell their terrible secret THIS time. With his sons at each other’s throats, Joe’s story will save or destroy the McCandless family.

The cast, creators and director of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County following the world premiere at the Alliance Theatre. April 11, 2012. Photo by Raymond McCrea Jones.

Carrie returns in 2013

Posted: April 12, 2012, 22:44
Shock till you drop reports that the remake of Carrie is set for a March 15, 2013 release:

It was revealed late last month that Chloe Moretz will be playing the title role in Kim Peirce's upcoming remake of the Stephen King novel, Carrie. The project, from director Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don't Cry, Stop-Loss) is now set for release on March 15, 2013.

The new version of Carrie, to be scripted by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, is said to be less a remake of the De Palma film and more a re-adaptation of the original text.

King and wife Tabitha as audience members in the movie Knightriders from 1981. (They can be seen 9:20 into the clip).

Dont' miss out on these contest!

Posted: April 12, 2012, 14:43
Thanks to all of you that has sent in photos for the photo contest. You rock! The photos I have gotten so far looks great! And if it wasn’t clear, you can send in as many photos as you want, so keep them coming! On April 23 the two best will each be awarded with a copy of the audio edition of Wind Through the Keyhole that also have THE FIRST CHAPTER OF DOCTOR SLEEP!!!

Also, if you love The Dark Tower you don’t want to miss this contest where you can win a copy of the limited edition of Wind Through the Keyhole (donated by PSPublishing) as well as hardcovers of Wind Through the Keyhole and paperbacks of The Dark Tower 1-7.


Take a photo and win

Posted: April 12, 2012, 00:08
OK, I got two extra copies of the audio edition of The Wind Through the Keyhole (with the first chapter of Doctor Sleep) to use as giveaways and this time I have decided I’m going to let you be creative.

I want you to send me a photo of yourself and one of King’s books. The two of you that sends in the most creative photo will each win a copy of the audio book. That’s all the directives I’m going to give you. I’ll leave the rest up to you.

Oh, and please note that it won’t matter if you chose a 20 year old paperback or a very limited edition for you photo. It’s not important. It’s not important if it’s taken with a state of the art camera or an old cell phone either. What’s important is that your photo is clever, fun and has that little extra. OK?

Send the photo to before April 22nd and I’ll let you know who gets the audio books on April 23rd. Good luck!

First chapter of Doctor Sleep

Posted: April 11, 2012, 22:49
Today I got the audio edition of The Wind Through the Keyhole. It’s on 9 CDs and have a running time that’s approximately 10,5 hours. The book is narrated by King himself and also contains a bonus disk with the first chapter of King’s yet unreleased book Doctor Sleep. The chapter is just over 37 minutes long and has a short intro by King.


Posted: April 11, 2012, 16:36
As you know I’m running a contest in which one way to win is to give suggestions on how to promote Lilja’s Library. Well, several of you have suggested that I’d do a podcast and with the help of Lou Sytsma, I have decided to give podcasting a try. This weekend we’re doing a test run.

If my English is good enough and if there is enough interest from all of you, this podcast could become a regular thing. If not, at least it will give me the chance to solve the big mystery for everyone, once and for all, on how to pronouce Lilja.

If you have any questions you would like answered on the podcast, leave a comment in this thread or send an email to

King on Doctor Sleep

Posted: April 11, 2012, 12:05
King on why he wrote Doctor Sleep

“I did it because it was such a cheesed-off thing to do. To say you were going back to the book that was really popular and write the sequel. People read it as kids; then as adults they might read the sequel and think, this isn’t as good. The challenge is, maybe it can be as good – or different. It gives you something to push up against. [And] I wanted to see what would happen to Danny Torrence when he grew up. I knew that he would be a drunk because his father was a drunk. I thought, okay, I’ll start with Danny Torrence at age forty. He is going to be one of those people who says ‘I am never going to be like my father. Then you wake up at 37 or 38 and you’re a drunk. Then I thought, what kind of a life does that person like that have? He’ll do a bunch of low-bottom jobs, he’ll get canned, and now, I really want him to be in a hospice worker because he has the shining and he can help people get across as they die. They call him Dr Sleep, and they know to call for him when the cat goes into their room and sits on their bed. This was writing about the guy who rides the bus, and he’s eating in a McDonalds, or on a special night out maybe Red Lobster. We are not talking about a guy who goes to [the upscale restaurant] Sardi’s.”

And why it's not released until 2013...

"My agent is dickering with the publishers about Dr Sleep, that’s the sequel to The Shining, but I held off showing them the manuscript because I wanted time to breathe.”

Official news on Joyland

Posted: April 11, 2012, 00:18
Here is the official comment on Joyland from King's official site:

Following up on Neil Gaimain's interview in the (UK) Sunday Times mentioning a new novel to be titled Joyland about an amusement park serial killer, Stephen has given the thumbs up to officially report that this is indeed a work in progress that has been completed but will need to be edited. There is no official publisher or publication date set at this time. We will update you as more official news becomes available.

Carrie on CD

Posted: April 11, 2012, 00:17
Ghostlight Records will record the cast album of the revised Off-Broadway production of Carrie, the musical by Oscar winners Dean Pitchford and Michael Gore and screenwriter Lawrence D. Cohen, based on Stephen King's novel about a teenage girl with telekinetic powers.

Read more here.

Thanks to Lou Sytsma

Throttle eBook

Posted: April 10, 2012, 08:35
Joe Hill & Stephen King’s Throttle will be available as eBook on April 17

The 100 page eBook ($1.99) will be available on April 17th for the Nook, Kindle and Apple products amongst other eReaders.

Thanks to The Fire Wire

King and The Remainders

Posted: April 10, 2012, 08:34
The ALA/ProQuest Scholarship Bash proudly welcomes the Rock Bottom Remainders for a special performance at 2012 ALA Annual Conference at 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 23 in the Anaheim California Convention Center Arena.

The Rock Bottom Remainders band includes some of today’s most shining literary lights. Among them, they have published more than 150 titles, sold more than 150 million books and been translated into more than 25 languages. Scheduled to appear at the ALA/ProQuest Scholarship Bash are Stephen King, Amy Tan, Mitch Albom, Dave Barry, Matt Groening, Scott Turow, Ridley Pearson, Greg Iles, James McBride, Roy Blount, Jr., Kathi Goldmark and Sam Barry. Roger McGuinn of The Byrds joins the band as special musical guest.

Read more over at The Fire Wire.

Joyland; new book by King

Posted: April 8, 2012, 19:31
In today's The Times there is an interview with King by Neil Gaiman in which we can read the following:

Right now he's writing a book called Joyland, about an amusement-park serial killer.

sounds like there is another good book in the works...

Thanks to Ariel.

International Thriller Award nominations revealed

Posted: April 5, 2012, 23:17
International Thriller Award nominations

Best Hard Cover Novel:
Joseph Finder - BURIED SECRETS (St. Martin’s Press)
Jonathan Hayes - A HARD DEATH (Harper)
Stephen King - 11/22/63 (Scribner)
Michael Koryta - THE RIDGE (Little, Brown and Co.)
Marcus Sakey - THE TWO DEATHS OF DANIEL HAYES (Dutton Adult)

2012 Thriller Awards Winners to be announced at ThrillerFest VI July 14, 2012, Grand Hyatt, NYC.

Thanks to Bev Vincent and Herbert West

Bram stoker winners

Posted: April 2, 2012, 07:44
King won a Bram Stoker Award for Herman Wouk Is Still Alive in the short story category and Rocky Wood for Stephen King: A Literary Companion in the non-fiction category.

Still hope...

Posted: March 28, 2012, 12:00
This question was posted on the official message board:

Are you sure there's no "trunk novels" lying around somewhere? Or an awesome collection of shorts??

And the moderator answered:

He sometimes comes out with a surprise short story or two and I know what he hopes to do with the book he's working on now.

Sounds like something “could” happen if you ask me…

Chloe Moretz is Carrie

Posted: March 27, 2012, 23:17
Toronto Sun released this news today:

Child star Chloe Moretz has landed the leading role in a movie remake of Stephen King’s chilling horror tale Carrie.

The Hugo actress, 15, will portray possessed teenager Carrie White in the supernatural film, taking on the part made famous by a young Sissy Spacek in director Brian De Palma's classic 1976 adaptation.

Filmmaker Kim Pierce will direct the new project and Moretz is thrilled at the prospect of bringing Carrie to a new generation.

In a post on Tuesday, she writes, "Never been so happy in my life! Thank you Kim Pierce and thank u MGM for the chance of a lifetime i will never forget!"

Author King's bestselling novel was also turned into a TV movie in 2002.

Thanks to Lou Sytsma

Enter for a chance to meet King

Posted: March 26, 2012, 23:44
Buy your tickets to Ghost Brothers of Darkland County using the KING10 prior to April 1st (11:59 pm, March 31, 2012) and your entered in a sweepstakes to win a VIP experience consisting of:

• Two opening night (April 11) orchestra tickets

• Two tickets to the VIP opening night party at the Four Seasons in Atlanta following the April 11 performance (transportation and lodging not included)

• Photo op with Stephen King

• A Stephen King autographed copy of 11/22/63

Get your tickets here.

Interested in a copy of Dark Score Stories?

Posted: March 26, 2012, 12:25
Do you remember this book? Dark Score Stories was done to promote the Bag of Bones miniseries and only released in 250 copies. I gave away some in a contest some time ago and now have another copy in my hands (got it in a trade) but since I already have the book I wanted to give someone else the chance to own this beautiful book. It won’t be a contest this time though (need the $ to get me an iPad). I need some $ so I have to sell it.

And how do I do that in a fair way? Well, first I wanted to give you, my loyal fans, the chance to get your hands on it. And I was thinking we could do it like this.

You send me an email to info[a] (subject: Dark Score Book) and how much you are willing to pay for it. I will then reply and let you know if you have the highest bid or not. If not you can put in a new bid if you want to do that.

Then on April 1st the one that has put in the highest bid gets to buy the book. Oh, and I will add postage to your bid (for covering me sending it to you) but that shouldn’t be included in the bid since I don’t know how much it will cost to send the book.

I hope you all feel this is a fair way to do this. Here are some info about the book.

Carrie casting...

Posted: March 25, 2012, 23:54
The Daily Dead have some interesting info that says that Chloë Moretz (left) and Haley Bennett (right) are the two actresses being considered for the role of Carrie in the planed remake. They also say that a high-profile actress might play Carrie’s mother and mentioned actresses are Jodie Foster and Julianne Moore.

Read more here.

Kubrick's The Shining

Posted: March 21, 2012, 23:01
Photos of Stanley Kubrick's copy of The Shining (currently residing in London's Stanley Kubrick Archive) can now be seen and it gives us an idea of what Kubrick wanted to do. Themes Kubrick wanted to highlight ("Cabin Fever—this is important to establish"), questions he needed to answer ("What else could H[alloran] do?"), passages he wanted to cut ...

Check them out here.

Thanks to Lou Sytsma