Unproduced screenplays

Untitled screenplay

This is a screenplay on 81 pages, now stored at "The Special Collections Archive Of The Raymond Fogler library at the University of Maine at Orono".

Untitled screenplay

A screenplay about a hunted radio station that King didn't finish.


This is an unproduced script King has written.

Carrion Comfort

This is an unproduced script King adapted after Dan Simmon's novel.

Children of the Corn

Script by King that was never used.


Script by King that was never used.

Daylight Dead

 (circa 1978)
This script was to be based on I Know What You Need, Battleground and Strawberry Spring from King's colletion Night Shift. It was later reworked as "Night Shift" (see below) and then droped.

The Dead Zone

Script by King that was never used.


 (circa 1997)
Before Storm of the Century King and Mark Carliner talked about doing Insomnia. Carliner even wrote a script for it.

The Long Walk

 (circa 1988)
George A. Romero was approched about directing this movie.

The Machines

 (circa 1981)
This movie was going to have been made by Milton Subotsky and based on The Lawnmover Man, The Mangler and Trucks. This anthology movie would allegedly only contain five minutes of dialogue.

The Mist

 (circa 1979)
A script written by Dennis Etchinson but never made. Frank Darabont might do a movie verion of The Mist sometime in the future.

Night Shift

 (circa 1981)
Milton Subotsky was going to make a movie of King's "revenge" stories from Night Shift, Quitter's Inc., The Ledge and Sometimes They Come Back.


 (circa 1981)
This is an unproduced teleplay with several adoptions of King's short stories, from the collection Night Shift. The stories adapted are: Battleground, I Know What You Need and Strawberry Spring. Originally this was going to air on NBC but the Standards and Practices board shot it down, because they thought it was too violent.


King did an early draft based on a story by Steven Spielberg. Unfortunately (after Spielberg turned down everything King showed him) it got too frightening and gory for Spielberg's taste. King has nothing to do with the finished film.

The Shining

 (The Movie)
King wrote a script for Kubrick's movie because he was contracted to. Kubrick later turned it down.

The Shotgunners

 (circa 1985)
This is an original motion picture script that later became the basis for the novel The Regulators. The movie was canceled when Sam Peckinpah died in 1984, it was then in pre-production.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

This is a unproduced script from Ray Bradbury's novel.

The Stand

This is an unproduced motion picture script.

The Stephen King Playhouse

 (circa 1990)
Laurel producer Richard P. Rubenstein recived an offer from NBC-TV to produce 16 episodes of this TV series. King was to chose, script and introduce the stories. King rejected.

They Bite

This is a 115 pages long unproduced script about giant insects now stored at "The Special Collections Archive Of The Raymond Fogler library at the University of Maine at Orono".

Training Exercises

 (circa 1987)
A script by Dino de Laurentiis film company after an idea by King.