Welcome To Scary Derry

Posted: May 18, 2024, 09:46
Section: TV » Welcome To Derry
In an interview with Screen Rant director Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour talked briefly about Welcome to Derry

The television medium allowed for the show to focus more about the characters, it's very, very character-driven. I've enjoyed preparing for that show, and I think audiences will be as scared as they are in the original movies, and Andy Muschietti's handprints are all over this series. So, I think people will be very excited for the series.

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Salem’s Lot Remake: What Happened

Posted: May 11, 2024, 09:32
Section: Film » Salem's Lot
Youtube channel The Kingdom Channel reveals why the new Salem’s Lot movie has been dealyed.

Per the email, the new Salem’s Lot was initially like three different movies of different genres thrown together, but feedback from “several test screenings” helped WB edit it into the best version of itself, apparently.

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