Season 2 Based Mainly On End Of Watch

Posted: July 20, 2018, 10:28:43
Section: TV » Mr Mercedes

Syfy Wire reports from the Mr. Mercedes pannel at Comic Con.

And while trilogy is the key word here, the new season of the show will not be drawn from the second book in the series, Finders Keepers, but the third and final book, End of Watch.

The problem with using Finders Keepers, said executive producer/director Jack Bender, was that "our heroes didn’t come into it until halfway through the book." Even though the words "Finders Keepers" are included in the season, the main action is taken from the trilogy capper. Just prepare yourself for things to get a little stranger, “a little what the f*** are you talking about?" Bender said.

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IT: Chapter 2 At Comic Con

Posted: July 19, 2018, 20:42:34
Section: Film » It

Movieweb had the following to report about IT: Chapter 2 presence at Comic Con.

IT 2 only recently started shooting, so there wasn't a completed trailer yet. But Pennywise did manage to make his way onto the big screen in front of a crowd of screaming fans. This first footage probably won't show up online unless someone bootlegs it. The scene in question introduces Bill Hader as the grown up Richie and James Ransone as the much older Eddie.

Before showing off the footage at Comic-Con, director Andy Muschietti talked a bit about his sequel, and called this a much scarier movie. Muschettie is returning to direct IT 2, which catches up with the Losers' Club as adults in 2019. Everyone is 30 years older, and still quite scared of that old dancing clown Pennywise. They survived their first encounter with the demon back in the 1980s, but they may not have the same kind of luck this time around.

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Contest Time: Win Pennywise x 2

Posted: July 19, 2018, 00:02:00

It’s been a while since we had a contest here at Lilja’s Library but now it’s time again and do I have a cool price for you! Not one but two cool NECA Pennywise figures are up for grabs. And since they are a nice couple one lucky winner will get both figures. Yes, you heard right. One lucky winner will get one 1990’s version of Pennywise AND one 2017’s version of Pennywise.

Enter the contest here by answering three questions and motivate why you should win. Good Luck!

Creepshow As An Anthology Series

Posted: July 18, 2018, 22:56:55

reports that Creepshow will be an anthology series on Shudder. It dosn't say if it will be using stories by King or just the name though...

EW reports that Shudder is bringing back Creepshow, only not as a film franchise. Next year, the streaming service will launch “Creepshow” as an anthology series, with makeup master Greg Nicotero (“The Walking Dead”) directing the premiere!

Nicotero will also executive-produce and supervise the show’s creative elements. His KNB EFX Group will handle the show’s creature and makeup effects.

The series is scheduled to debut on Shudder in 2019. Each episode will tell original stories and be helmed by a different filmmaker.

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