Confirmed: Salem's Lot Heading To Max

Posted: May 23, 2024, 16:45
Section: Film » Salem's Lot
Finally, we have confirmation on what’s happening with the remake of Salem’s Lot. Here is a press release from MAX confirming that it will be available for streaming in 2024. We did have rumors that this was the case but now it’s confirmed. No date has been revealed yet but again, rumors, say October / November.

You Like It Darker Narrators

Posted: May 22, 2024, 08:39
Section: Book » You Like It Darker
Here is an excerpt from the audiobook edition of You Like It Darker

Here is also info about who narrates what in the book. Not sure why King didn't narrate the afterword himself.

"Two Talented Bastids" (Will Patton)
"The Fifth Step" (Will Patton)
"Willie the Weirdo" (Will Patton)
"Danny Coughlin's Bad Dream" (Will Patton)
"Finn" (Will Patton)
"On Slide Inn Road" (Will Patton)
"Red Screen" (Will Patton)
"The Turbulence Expert" (Stephen King)
"Laurie" (Stephen King)
"Rattlesnakes" (Will Patton)
"The Dreamers" (Will Patton)
"The Answer Man" (Will Patton)
Afterword (Sean Patrick Hopkins)

My thoughts On You Like It Darker

Posted: May 21, 2024, 13:27
Section: Book » You Like It Darker
Here is my thoughts about King's new collection You Like It Darker. It contains minor SPOILERS so be aware.

As a whole You Like It Darker is a solid collection. Not his best and I would have appreciated a bigger variation between the (new) stories but it’s a nice read. My favorites are "The Fifth Step", "The Turbulence Expert" and the new “The Answer Man”.

Welcome To Scary Derry

Posted: May 18, 2024, 09:46
Section: TV » Welcome To Derry
In an interview with Screen Rant director Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour talked briefly about Welcome to Derry

The television medium allowed for the show to focus more about the characters, it's very, very character-driven. I've enjoyed preparing for that show, and I think audiences will be as scared as they are in the original movies, and Andy Muschietti's handprints are all over this series. So, I think people will be very excited for the series.

Read more here.


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