All of you that want a signed King book...

Posted: July 19, 2012, 22:20
OK, attention all of you that’s interested in getting a signed book by Stephen King and or Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead). Most of you know that I’m alreadt running a contest in which you can win a signed copy of Wolves of the Calla by King and a very limited paperweight, right? Well, today two things happened.

The first thing was that I got a copy of The Best American Short Stories 2007 that's signed by King. This copy is a donation from a reader to be used as a prize in a contest on Lilja's Library. How about that?

The second thing that happened today is that I now have a signed (by Robert Kirkman) copy of Days Gone Bye to give to someone. It's the copy from the contest I ran some time ago at The Walking Dead News. But since I haven't gotten an address from the winner I haven't been able to send the prize and will now give it to someone else.

So, I have two signed books from my two favorite authors that wants’ new owners and running two contests at the same time with signed books as prizes doesn’t really make any sense right? So, when the first contest ends on July 31 (the one for the signed Wolves of the Calla) a new one will start. All details will be given on August 1st but I can tell you today already that it would be wise to follow both Lilja’s Library and The Walking Dead News on facebook…and the sooner the better. And don’t be afraid to share and like posts… [just a hint].

King and Kirkman never got to collaborate on The Walking Dead but I have a feeling they will at Lilja’s Library and The Walking Dead News…or at least their signatures…