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Goodbye 2019 and Hello 2020
2019 was a great year. We got a new book, we got new movies and we got a few TV series. Stephen King is more popular that he has been for years. New f
Lizzy Caplan Talks Grim Ending Of Castle Rock
Here is an interview with Lizzy Caplan where she talks about the ending of season 2 of Castle Rock.
King Is The 5th Highest Paid Author In 2019
On Forbes list of highest paid authors (2019) King ends up on 5th place. Top 5 1. J.K. Rowling ($92 million) 2. James Patterson ($70 million) 3.
Carrie As A Limited Series?
Collider reports that yet another adaptation of Carrie might be happening. This time as a limited series by FX and MGM and Carrie will probably be pla
2020 Will Be The Year To Shine In The Dark
It’s been a great 2019 for my book Shining in the Dark and I’m very happy to let you know that 2020 will be just as exciting if not more. The one
Director's Cut Of Doctor Sleep Coming
On January 21st (digital) and February 4th (Blu-ray) a director’s Cut of Doctor Sleep will be released and Mike Flanagan himself told me it will be
Jerusalem’s Lot As A 10-Episode Series
Joblo reports that Epix has given a 10-episode straight-to-series order to a drama based on King's short story Jerusalem’s Lot starring Adrien Brody
Director For Firestarter Remake Found
Collider reports that Keith Thomas has been tapped to direct a remake of Firestarter for Universal, Blumhouse and Akiva Goldsman‘s Weed Road banner.
My Thoughts About Castle Rock Season 2
Here are my thoughts about season 2 of Castle Rock. So, while I really enjoy the Annie story there is too much filling for my taste here. They shou
Natalie Martinez Cast In The Stand
Variety reports that Natalie Martinez (“The I-Land”) will guest star in The Stand. No word on who she’ll play though.
Welcome To The Set Of The Outsider
Here is a clip from the set of The Outsider with comments by King.
Ross Perry To Adapt & Direct The Dark Half
Deadline reports that a new adaptation of The Dark Half is being planed. MGM has set Alex Ross Perry to adapt and direct The Dark Half, a new adapt
Do We Want A Third Shining Film?
Mike Flanagan is interested in doing The Shining 3 that would focus on Abra Stone. Here is what he todl Den Of Geek: “Absolutely. I would love it
King In IT
Check out King's cameo in IT: Part 2.
The Outsider Poster
Here is the poster for HBO’s The Outsider.
From A Buick 8 Being Filmed
Deadline reports that Thomas Jane and Courtney Lauren Penn will film From A Buick 8. Actor Thomas Jane (The Predator) and producer Courtney Lauren
Second Outsider Trailer
Here is a second trailer for The Outsider.
King Goes POP
Here is a new POP figure based on King. This one is based on his cameo in the second IT movie.
Locke & Key Premiers On Netflix February 2nd
This one I'm really looking forward to. Joe Hill's comic Locke & Key premiers on Netflix February 2nd next year. After their father is murdered u