Ehren Kruger talks Talisman

Posted: December 15, 2006, 11:17
Ehren Kruger spoke to Fangoria about The Talisman, here is what he said:

Ehren Kruger talks TNT’s TALISMAN

Fango recently spoke to screenwriter Ehren Kruger about his script for TNT’s six-hour miniseries based on THE TALISMAN, the 1984 horror/fantasy novel by Stephen King and Peter Straub. Steven Spielberg serves as an executive producer on the project, which is expected to air in 2008, and Kruger (whose credits include the RING films and the upcoming BLOOD & CHOCOLATE) has been involved with a Spielberg-produced film adaptation of THE TALISMAN for several years, though initial drafts envisioned the end result as a theatrical feature. However, like all previous attempts to bring the book to the screen (film versions have been announced since its initial printing), Kruger says that the two-hour version he was involved with “didn’t quite get its act together with actor and budget. But Steven Spielberg and [fellow executive producer] Kathleen Kennedy really wanted to take another crack at the project, so we held some meetings to sit down and take another look at the material.”

The creative team discovered that the best approach for the book’s vast storyscape—which concerns a boy’s epic journey to a parallel world in order to retrieve the title object, which will heal his dying mother—was to expand the production to a miniseries. In doing so, Kruger says that he “was able to put a lot of the scenes from the source material back into the story, and that’s all for the good.” Kruger adds that the project is “still in the scripting phase—we’re not there yet in terms of director or cast.” We’ll be keeping you posted as THE TALISMAN gets closer to rolling.

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