What book by King am I thinking of?

Posted: January 10, 2012, 00:00:00

OK, I donít know about you but I love contests. And what can be better to do when you love contests than having one? And since the audio edition of Mile 81 happens to be released today, how about if I give five of you the chance to get a copy for free?

This time you will have to work for it though and here is how.

You will have to figure out what book by King Iím thinking of right now. Easy, isnít it? Well, I will help you on your way. Between January 10 and 13 I will give you clues on Liljaís Libraryís facebook group. You can then decide when you want to submit your answer (you submit it here) and you can do it whenever you want between January 10 and 13 but be careful. You only get one chance and then youíre out of the game. But donít wait too long either because itís five that gives me the correct book title first that wins the five copies of Mile 81.

You donít need to ďLikeĒ the Liljaís Library group but if you do youíll know faster when I have posted a clue. Because I wonít tell you in advance when or how many clues there will be. OK, I will say that the first clue is on the facebook site now, there will be at least one each day and I will tell you when I post the last one.

OK, good luck to you all!

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