The Talisman director Ed Zwick is dropping out of the project.

Posted: June 24, 2004, 23:23
"Variety says that just one month after director Ed Zwick replaced Vadim Perelman on DreamWorks' mystical The Talisman, he, too, is dropping out of the project. The problem was that the film wasn't creatively together in time for the start date. Shooting was originally slated to start in July, then September, then October.

The script, in particular, was a sticking point, adds the trade. Adapted by Ehren Kruger from Stephen King and Peter Straub's novel, the screenplay was reworked by Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro, but rewriting continues.

Steven Spielberg secured rights to the book, about a young man's journey to find a talisman that will save his mother's life, in the 1980s. The October shoot date has been cancelled and no other start date has been set. It was to be released in theaters next year."

Thanks to Rocky Wood, David Sjödin and John Flynn.