Blockade Billy - The White Galley

Posted: May 4, 2010, 21:30
When Cemetery Dance got the OK for Blockade Billy things had to happen fast. Because of this they did one galley of the book (the white galley) in a very low number (below 20). Of these 4 where sent out to reviewers who needed the book early. Here is what Richard Chizmar said about it in an interview I did with him:

Lilja: So the first edition is limited to just 10,000 copies. Were there any proofs for the book?

Richard Chizmar: Because of time constraints, we actually needed to produce two states of the ARC (Advanced Reading Copies). The first (with a plain white cover) was only sent to four trade reviewers from places like PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY, BOOKLIST, etc, because they needed the ARCs so far in advance. The rest of the reviewers were sent an ARC featuring the full color artwork 2-3 weeks later.

This galley will be very hard to find by here you can see what it looks like.

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