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Posted: November 3, 2009, 00:31:53

More about what Discordia is:

Discordia: A Dark Tower Online Experience
Discordia is an internet-based Dark Tower experience that has been in development since early 2007. The project started as a small add-on concept for the then new Dark Tower Official Web Site. Over time, Discordia evolved into a progressive storytelling platform that leverages cutting-edge technologies to chronicle the war between Tet Corporation and Sombra/NCP.

Exploring the behind-the-scenes conflict between the two companies, Discordia introduces long-time Dark Tower fans to new characters and numerous mechanical/magical items developed by Mid-World's Old Ones. Over the course of our adventure we will visit numerous locations, both those familiar to Dark Tower fans and others which we only glimpsed in the Dark Tower novels. While we may not see Roland and his ka-tet in this adventure, the development team has remembered the faces of its fathers. We have done our best to honor the original Dark Tower series while simultaneously mapping new and exciting Dark Tower territory.

Discordia uses Flash and Flash video to immerse the user in detailed 3D artwork and video that has been meticulously created based on literal dissections of the Dark Tower books. With retrospective text by Robin Furth, highly detailed magical items and environments by Brian Stark and truly exquisite original paintings by Michael Whelan, Discordia is a revolutionary experience that should please any Dark Tower fan.

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