Discordia goes live today

Posted: December 8, 2009, 00:12
From King's site:

Discordia Goes Live
Posted on: 12.7.09

Chapter One of Discordia is now available on! Be sure to check out the much anticipated Interactive Experience based on the Dark Tower Series.

With detailed 3D artwork by Brian Stark,, fantastic illustrations by Michael Whelan and retrospective text by Robin Furth, Discordia is sure to please both the die hard DT fans as well as the uninitiated. Cheers! And happy holidays from

Launch Discordia.

Second trailer for Discordia

Posted: November 30, 2009, 23:57
It's one week until we'll get a chance to try Discordia and today a new trailer was released. Check it out here.

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More about Discordia

Posted: November 3, 2009, 00:31
More about what Discordia is:

Discordia: A Dark Tower Online Experience
Discordia is an internet-based Dark Tower experience that has been in development since early 2007. The project started as a small add-on concept for the then new Dark Tower Official Web Site. Over time, Discordia evolved into a progressive storytelling platform that leverages cutting-edge technologies to chronicle the war between Tet Corporation and Sombra/NCP.

Exploring the behind-the-scenes conflict between the two companies, Discordia introduces long-time Dark Tower fans to new characters and numerous mechanical/magical items developed by Mid-World's Old Ones. Over the course of our adventure we will visit numerous locations, both those familiar to Dark Tower fans and others which we only glimpsed in the Dark Tower novels. While we may not see Roland and his ka-tet in this adventure, the development team has remembered the faces of its fathers. We have done our best to honor the original Dark Tower series while simultaneously mapping new and exciting Dark Tower territory.

Discordia uses Flash and Flash video to immerse the user in detailed 3D artwork and video that has been meticulously created based on literal dissections of the Dark Tower books. With retrospective text by Robin Furth, highly detailed magical items and environments by Brian Stark and truly exquisite original paintings by Michael Whelan, Discordia is a revolutionary experience that should please any Dark Tower fan.

Ka is revealed...

Posted: October 19, 2009, 15:31
Now we know what Ka is a Wheel is…sort of. It looks like it’s a game based on The Dark Tower but it could be something else as well... It does however looks like we'll know more on November 30. Check out a trailer here

What does Ka is a Wheel mean

Posted: September 28, 2009, 12:05
As many of you have noticed there are some Dark Tower things going on. Over at there is a teaser up for something that is coming in November.

There has been speculations flying high and low since that teaser was posted. Some thinks it’s an ad for the last story arc in the Dark Tower comic. Some think it’s going to be an interactive game based on The Dark Tower and then there is this theory that I’m hoping for.

When we were chatting about his upcoming book Under the Dome, a novel with political subtext out in November, King said he had recently had an idea for a short story. “And then I thought, ‘Well, why don’t I find three more like this and do a book that would be almost like modern fairy tales?’ Then this thing started to add on bits and pieces so I guess it will be a novel.” That idea, according to King, is for a new Dark Tower novel, a continuation of his epic seven-part fantasy/sci-fi/Western series about a lone gunslinger named Roland and his ongoing hunt for the Man in Black. “It’s not really done yet,” King admits of his magnum opus. “Those seven books are really sections of one long uber-novel.”

This is from this blog (written in March) by Lorrie Lynch who got this info while doing this interview.

No one knows for sure though but the moderator of King’s official board has promised that there will be more info in mid-October.

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What's this?

Posted: September 25, 2009, 14:25
Check this out! I have no idea what it means but it sure looks interesting...

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