Firestarter Remake Filming This Year?

Posted: August 4, 2020, 11:00:12

Keith Thomas talks about his upcoming movie version of Firestarter that he hopes to film later this year:

“When Jason [Blum] pitched it to me it was exciting, as that’s one of my favourite Stephen King novels, and whilst I really like the 1980’s film, I felt we could do something new,” Thomas told the site, adding that King himself has read the script and approved him as director.

He continued, “The screenplay is by Scott Teems who wrote the upcoming Halloween Kills, it’s an amazing script. It has everything you would want, people’s heads catching fire and their faces melting off, and a dad and daughter on the run trying to survive being chased in this heightened tense experience. We are hoping to film it this year, and it will be a lot of fun.”

Source: Bloody Disqusting.

Update On Firestarter Remake

Posted: April 20, 2020, 07:54:22

Scott Teems talked about the Firestarter remake with Movie Web

"I'm still the writer. We just got a new director named Keith Thomas and he made a great film called The Vigil coming up this year, and Universal and Blumhouse, they want to make Firestarter. It has always been an important project to them. I think we're making active steps toward that happening this year. You know, the industry shut down notwithstanding, and that may change things, but right now, I'm really hopeful that it might happen this year."

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Director For Firestarter Remake Found

Posted: December 17, 2019, 16:33:31

Collider reports that Keith Thomas has been tapped to direct a remake of Firestarter for Universal, Blumhouse and Akiva Goldsman‘s Weed Road banner. Scott Teems is adapting King’s book and Jason Blum and Oscar winner Goldsman will produce.

Fatih Akin To Direct Firestarter

Posted: June 29, 2018, 11:08:57

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Fatih Akin will direct the remake of Firestarter.

Fatih Akin — the German director behind last year's Golden Globe winner In the Fade — will direct Firestarter for Universal and Blumhouse.

The 1980 Stephen King book will be adapted by Scott Teems andJason Blum and Akiva Goldsman will produce, with Martha de Laurentiis, who was an associate producer on the 1984 movie, set to executive produce.

The End For The Children Of The Corn?

Posted: August 31, 2017, 07:15:44

Bloody Disgusting reports that King will have regained full rights to his stories The Dead Zone, Cujo, Creepshow, Children of the Corn, Cat’s Eye and Firestarter next September.

If this means there will be no more Children of the Corn movies we can only speculate but my guess is that it won't. Also they will need to speed up the work in the remake of Firestarter and Cujo if they are going to make it in time. It's probably better that they don't though...

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Firestarter Remake Announced

Posted: April 28, 2017, 11:18:54

The fire will burn again. Jason Blum and Akiva Goldsman will do a remake of King's Firestarter.

After the opening night screening at the Overlook Film Festival tonight, Akiva Goldsman and Jason Blum announced that they would be teaming up once again to bring Stephen King’s classic pyrokinetic tale back to the big screen.

Scott Teems (Rectify) will co-write the new adaptation with the Academy Award-winning Goldsman. Blum will produce under Blumhouse, and Martha de Laurentiis, an associate produce from the original, will executive produce.

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Lester talks Firestarter

Posted: January 11, 2011, 09:57:09

Mark L. Lester recently talked about Firestarter:

On Firestarter:

“Originally John Carpenter was gonna direct that,” Lester reveals. “There was a script that was written, I forget who wrote it. Then the budget was way out of line, like $15 million. And the script had no relationship to the book whatsoever. They didn’t want to shoot it for that amount of money so Dino de Laurentiis came to me and said, ‘I read the book. Can you make a treatment out of this?’ So I brought in Stanley Mann, who I knew, and when we wrote the treatment, we styled [it after] the book exactly scene for scene. We gave it Dino De Laurentiis, and he said, ‘Well this just follows the book exactly…’ Well, yeah, of course! You paid a million dollars for the book, I said, ‘Why aren’t you following the book? That’s why this thing can’t get made yet. We’ll just shoot the book.’ And he says, ‘Okaaaaay…’ So within three weeks the script was written, and we had a green light from Universal to make the film just off the script, which was identical to the book.”

Lester confirms that Firestarter has been his most difficult film to date. “That was all practical [effects]. The fireballs you see ... that’s not CGI. Back then, we actually created fireballs that could fly through the air – they were on a wire and could crash into buildings. We had people on fire that were on trampolines that had to flip through the air. It was very dangerous. All the effects were done right on the set – it was a pretty intense thing to do then…” Lester also notes that the film’s epic “farm attack” scene took an entire week to film.

Read the entire interview here.

Time to light the fires again

Posted: December 14, 2010, 13:21:11

More remakes...

Universal is looking to reignite the "Firestarter" flame.

The studio and Dino De Laurentiis Co. have teamed to reboot the 1984 horror pic, with Mark L. Smith onboard to pen the script.

Although there were no sequels to the original feature, based on the Stephen King tome, the studio aims to turn the reboot into a franchise property.

The 1984 pic starred Drew Barrymore as a girl able to start fires at will. It grossed $17 million at the domestic B.O. and was also produced through U and De Laurentiis' Co.

Plot details for the reboot are being kept under wraps. It's expected to be loosely based on the original King book, but the main character is to be reinvented with a little more edge.

De Laurentiis Co. chairman Martha De Laurentiis and prexy of production Lorenzo De Maio will produce through the De Laurentiis Co. along with Steven Schneider through his Room 101 banner.

"We see this as a unique, character-driven thriller with a supernatural edge, based on a timeless concept and enhanced by recent visual effects advances," Martha De Laurentiis said.

Deal for "Firestarter" extends the longstanding relationship between U and De Laurentiis Co. The reboot was among the last projects the prolific Dino De Laurentiis worked on before his death in November at age 91.

"'Firestarter' has a great mythology and with Martha and Lorenzo's vision we believe the franchise can be extended in a new and exciting direction," said Debbie Liebling, U's prexy of production.

De Laurentiis Co. has a slew of projects in various stages of development, including a reboot of the cult classic "Barbarella," a remake of another King adaptation, "Maximum Overdrive" and a new spin on 1980s TV actioner "MacGyver."

Smith is now working on the "Firestarter" script. U hopes to get the pic into production next year, but has yet to take the project out to directors.

Besides the 1984 pic, cabler Syfy fielded a telepic in 2002 dubbed "Firestarter 2: Rekindled."

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