Ehren Kruger talks about The Talisman

Posted: January 22, 2007, 12:59
Ehren Kruger discusses The Talisman:

CS: How have things been going on "The Talisman"? Have you actually been working with Stephen King or Peter Straub on that at all?
Kruger: I haven't worked with those guys, the authors. I've worked heavily with Steven Spielberg and Katherine Kennedy, who are the producers on the project, so we've had years of creative meetings on it. Now it's moving ahead in a mini-series version, since we're having trouble getting the feature off the ground. So I'm working on that now, and the good news about having six hours to tell the story instead of two is there's a lot more of the book that can now be part of the movie.

CS: Did you have a script for a two-hour movie at one point that you're embellishing with four more hours of story?
Kruger: We're using some of the elements of the feature script and then, there's a lot to add and expand. The core structure of the feature was always that of the novel, but there was just no way we could include a lot of what's in the novel, so now we're able to go back and cherry-pick the best sequences and plotlines and subplots of the novel again.

CS: Have you found a director for that and will it be the same director for the whole thing?
Kruger: I don't know. Probably will be one director for the whole thing, but we'll have more of a sense of that later in the spring.

Thanks to Bev Vincent