A Reward For Your Support! (Signed King Book)

Posted: December 19, 2022, 22:41
I’m so proud and happy that so many of you have supported Lilja’s Library through the years and now recently with your donations. We’re well on the way to reach the goal and be able to do the necessary updates on the site. And because of that I want to give something back.

So, I spoke to Cemetery Dance and asked if they wanted to donate a cool book that I could give to one of you that have supported me, and they said yes. And they said yes in a very nice and kind way!

Cemetery Dance have donated a signed BY STEPHEN KING book (title to be revealed later) that I’ll give to one of you as a thanks for your support.

And here is how it will be done. When I reach 100% of my goal each $10 you have donated will get you a ticket with a chance to win the book. That means if you donate $9.99 or less you won’t get any ticket (but a BIG thanks from me), if you donate between $10.00 and $19.99 you get one ticket. Between $20 and $20.99 you get two tickets and so on. Then once we have reached 100% I’ll draw one ticket and the one whose ticket I draw will win the signed BY STEPHEN KING book!!!

Oh, and those of you that have already donated will be included in this as well so fear not.

Make your donations through this PayPal link.

A BIG thanks to Cemetery Dance for their support and the donation of the book!
// Lilja