And one last meeting with the King...

Posted: November 9, 2006, 21:24
The after noon was spent at the ASDA supermarket where King would do a signing. There wheren’t that many people there until about an hour before the signing started but then there where a lot...and I meen A LOT.

I got to meet up with a lot of old and new friends and we had a really good time. At 5PM King entered and the line started to move. When we got to King we where told no cameras where alowed. At first bumed out we soon found out that there where a lady taking photos of us with a polaroidcamera and then giving out the photo as we left. A very good idea!

This time I didn’t say anything to King except “Thanks” and extracted my hand. At the same second he reached for his glass of Coke and there where a second of total confusion. Then he put forward his left hand and I shook that...