An idea for another novel...

Posted: October 28, 2006, 20:10:37

Noah posted this on SKEMERs from King's reading in NY:

Anyway, the actual reading and interview was great. John Connolly was funny and engaging. King said that he has a rough manuscript of a new novel completed, and spoke about an idea he had for another novel: a man and his wife are driving on the Interstate late at night. They pull into a rest stop, and the wife asks the husband to go inside and buy her a soda. As the husband crosses the parking lot, a man gets out of the only other car parked at the rest stop and approaches the husband with a map. He asks the husband for directions, and as the husband bends to look at the map, the guy shoots him in the head. Another man, meanwhile, had circled the car and now holds the wife at gunpoint. The guy with the map comes over and removes the couples' baby from the back seat. They say to the wife, "You will do exactly what we tell you to do, or in 24 hours we will put your baby in a microwave oven and cook him." King described the wife as "the perfect guided missile."

Thanks to Bev Vincent

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