Garris involved in Bag of Bones and From A Buick 8?

Posted: October 25, 2006, 01:14
Mick Garris has been interviewed by Bloody Disgusting and here are some interesting news about Bag of Bones and From A Buick 8

BD: You are quickly becoming The King of the Stephen King miniseries – any more coming up?

MG: We’re looking at “Bag of Bones” as well as “From A Buick 8” – there’s a character in that one named after my wife, who played the dead woman in Room 237 in “The Shining”. It would be a lot of fun if Cynthia were to play a character named after her. And Eli Roth is still going to be adapting “Cell” for the big screen.

I checked with Garris and he wanted me to tell you that they don't have either project set up yet, but that they are pursuing them.