1,000,000 !!!

Posted: October 15, 2006, 00:21:44

So, it has finally happened. We have hit the 1,000,000th hit. It’s a little sad that it didn’t happen on Friday the 13th but October 14th isn’t so bad either.

Now that we got the 1,000,000th hit we can also pick the winner of the 1,000,000th hit contest. Here are all the right answers:

Question 1: What was the color of the text and the background on the first layout of Lilja’s Library?
Answer 1: Red text black background

Question 2: What is the name and occupation of Lilja’s Library’s mascot?
Answer 2: Marv - The Library Policeman

Question 3: What date to you think the 1,000,000th visitor will stop by at Lilja’s Library?
Answer 3: October 14th 2006

The winner of a first edition of The Stand is… Luca Gnuva from Italy. Congratulations!

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