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Posted: May 31, 2017, 16:06:50

I need your help! I want to go to the US this fall and attend one of the stops on Stephen and Owenís Sleeping Beauties tour. Living in Sweden though that means a lot of $$$ for airplane tickets and hotel and this is where I need your help. I canít pull this off without your help!

ďWhy should I help you go to the US when I canít go myself?Ē some of you might ask. Or maybe you can go and still wonder why you should help me? Well, that is a very relevant question and I will try to answer it as best I can.

I would lie if I said anything other than ďI want to go to the US and see Stephen and Owen and I canít do it without your help!Ē That is the truth and there is no going around that. BUT, I also want to share this experience with you all. What itís like to travel from Sweden to the US, what itís like to see Stephen and Owen live, what itís like to meet a lot of other Stephen and Owen fans (I hope to meet a lot of you while Iím there). In short, I want to share my experience with all of you and I want to do it here on Liljaís Library. Both live and in retrospect.

But as I said it will take $$$ to make this happen and for that Iím doing my own Crowdfunding here on Liljaís Library. I have estimated that I need $2,000 to make this happen. So, what Iím doing is asking you all to help me out here. It doesnít have to be much if a lot of people chip in. And, if I donít reach the $2,000 I will return every last cent to everyone who have donated. This is for this trip or not at all. On the other hand, if there is more money than the $2,000 Iím seeking I will donate those to The Haven Foundation. And to get started Iím putting in 10% ($200) myself.

And to make this a bit more attractive I will give one of you who donate (this person will be drawn on random and not by how much he or she donates) a copy of my upcoming book ďShining in the DarkĒ, personalized as thanks! But remember, if I donít reach the goal of $2,000 before August 29th (which is also my birthday) I will resend all the donations and forget all about it. You will be able to follow the progress here on Liljaís Library the entire time.

To donate, simply click on this link and select your amount. PayPal will do the rest.

Thanks! / Lilja

P.S. If you have any questions at all just write them below and Iíll answer them for you.

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