Gerald's Game, 1922, Sleeping Beauties & More

Posted: March 16, 2017, 00:29:19

King did a book signing at a bookstore in Sarasota on Wednesday. While there he talked about the upcoming Netflix adaptations Gerald’s Game and 1922:

Netflix will also make two films adapting his novel "Gerald's Game" and novella "1922," both of which King has seen and said are terrific.
"And I've seen 'It' the film, and that's terrific," King said. "And I've seen 'The Dark Tower' and that's terrific."

This indicates that both movies are pretty much done…at least in rough cuts.

King also talked about his upcoming collaboration with his son Owen:

The story takes place in a world where all women have fallen asleep in a cocoon-like gauze and turn feral and violent if awoken, leaving men to themselves. King and his son had initially considered making a limited television series out of the premise, but believing that would bring too many other people into the process, spent two years writing it as a novel together.
"The way that it worked was we went back and forth, like tennis, like the book is the ball," King said. "I'd have it for three or four weeks and he'd have it for maybe three or four weeks or maybe a little bit longer. He's a slower composer than I am, but he's very, very good — very sharp, very funny."

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