The Winner Has Been Selected!

Posted: September 1, 2016, 10:57
The Folio Society Shining Contest is over. You all know by now that the prize is a signed copy of The Folio Society’s beautiful edition of The Shining. A lot of you sent in the six photos that you had to send in to enter and first I want to thank you all for that. I love seeing King fans and their collections.

Secondly I would like to bring you attention to the fact that if you didn’t win this time, you should check out this contest. It’s almost the same. Here you only need to send in a photo of you and something connected to Lilja’s Library though and the good thing is that if you have already sent in a photo you have already entered. But now you have to be creative. The Folio contest winner was selected randomly but in this one I will pick the photo I like the best. And if you have already sent a photo and think: “darn I should have been more creative”, then just send another one. BTW, the prize for this one is still a secret.

OK, and now over to what you have all been waiting for…the winner is…

Simon Mason! Simon, get in touch with me with your address and I make sure they send you the book ASAP. Congratulations!