Two Days Left To Win A Signed King Book

Posted: August 29, 2016, 10:06
Only two days left on the contest where you can win a SIGNED Stephen King book!!!

How? Head over here to find out and so far, there are only 76 entries. Check out the numbers below and you'll see that since you need one photo in every category to enter the contest the lowest number is the number of possible entries. It could be fewer but not more.

This means that a lot of you that have photos on…say the Mr Mercedes page won’t be entered since you are missing photos in others. So, SEND IN THOSE MISSING PHOTOS, TIME IS RUNNING OUT

In other words, if you haven't sent in photos in all categories, DO IT! If you haven't sent in any photos at all, DO IT!. There is a SIGNED Stephen King book to be won and if you still need a reason to do is actually my birthday and you could see it as a birthday gift to me 

- Mr Mercedes (304)
- Revival (150)
- Finders Keepers (104)
- You & Lilja's Library (83)
- The Bazaar of Bad Dreams (81)
- End of Watch (76)