Stationary Bike winners

Posted: June 4, 2006, 00:07:46

The Stationary Bike Contest is now over and here are the right answers:

Question 1 : Name another King audio that Ron McLarty has narrated.
Answer 1 : Salem’s Lot and Faithful

Question 2 : Where were Stationary Bike first published?
Answer 2 : Borderlands 5

Question 3 : Name one audio book that King himself has narrated.
Answer 3 : He has narrated a lot of books but some titles that where mentioned are Bag of Bones, Blood and Smoke, LT’s Theory of Pets, On Writing and The Gunslinger.

And the 10 winners are:

Dave Carson, the US
Bob Ireland, the US
Ian McQuillan, the UK
Stephen Bamberg, the US
Dana Watts, the US
Sharon Haas, the US
Jana Long, the US
Eric Enderle, the US
Matthias Belz, Germany
David Carroll, Australia

Congratulations to you all!

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