Chat Live With Lilja on Facebook

Posted: April 12, 2016, 09:04:30

On Thursday April 14 Iíll be doing a live chat on facebook. Iíve understood it there are different ways in doing it but Iím going to start off with just being online and answering any question you can throw at meÖlive. If there are a lot of people joining in on the discussion Iíll do it again and try the live video feed but since I donít know if I will just be sitting here all on my own I donít want to start off to big.

I know there are other ways of doing this than on facebook but Iíll start there and see where this leads. If there are a big interest for this Iím definatley open to doing this in other social media. But letís start here and see where it all lands.

So help me spread the word about this and please join in if you can. I would hate to sit there all aloneÖ


Why do I do this?
- Because I love to talk King and Iíd love to hear from all of you and what you have to say about King and Liljaís Library. The site has been online for 20 years so I guess itís about time right?

When will you do this?
- Iíll be online this Thursday April 14 at 11PM my time (Sweden). That would be 10PM in London, 5PM in New York, 2PM in LA and 7AM (on April 15) in Sydney.

How long will you be there?
- Iíll try to be there as long as there are people joining me but at least for an hour. Hopefully longer.

What can you ask?
- Anything you want. If I can I will answer but please know that I donít have the answer to everything :-)

Do we have to ask stuff or can we just chat?
- You can ask questions, chat, comment, post photos and do pretty much anything except disrespect anyone. I want us to play this nice.

Can you show us stuff you have?
- Sure, ask and Iíll post photos.

Will King be there?
- No, not King just me Lilja.

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