The Question No One's Asking Is Why?

Posted: December 12, 2015, 14:44:10

The news or rather rumor that Idris Elba is considered to play Roland The Gunslinger has absolutely exploded on Internet. People have argued that it's a good thing and that it's a bad thing. King himself commented that it doesn't matter to him.

The once that's against Elba as Roland is it basically because it would mess up the relationship between Roland and Detta/Odetta where she is a black woman that hates Roland because he's white.

The once that are for Elba as Roland on the other hand claims that the story could be altered and still work and that we could still get the conflict between Roland and Detta /Odetta.

Personally I thing much of the relationship between Roland ans Detta/Odetta would be lost if they were both black. But if someone in advance would have told me that the ending of The Mist would have been better when changed I might not have believed that either so I guess anything is possible I just don't see it now.

What I'm surprised by is that no one seems to ask WHY they want to change it! The only reason I can see is that they either think that the story itself will be better or that they can't find someone who will do Roland better or as good as Elba. I don't believe in either of those two reasons and if so they are just changing it for the changing itself and that is just plain wrong if you ask me.

So, until someone gives me a good reason as to why they should change King's (in my opinion good story) and risk it not being as good I'm voting "No" on Elba.


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