Are You Going To The Signings in Nov? Read This!

Posted: September 15, 2014, 09:57
All of you that are planning to go to any of the signings in November; keep your eyes open today as the details will be released. The moderator of King’s board did reveal some general info this weekend though that you might find interesting.

First, not all events are going to be straight book signings but that information will be given on Monday for each venue.

This probably means King will do a reading at one or more stops and if you can, don’t miss this. I have been to two and King is a natural on stage!

Only REVIVAL will be allowed for signing at the events that are book signings, so it would not be possible to get any other book or other memorabilia signed in its place.

This is always the case when King do a signing but at those I have been to there has always been people brining other books. Some have gotten them signed and some hasn’t. Not sure why though.

Additionally, book signings are limited to two hours so events will be ticketed and only those who have a ticket will be able to have their copy of REVIVAL signed.

This means BE ON YOUR TOES! My guess is that we’ll find out today how to get tickets and as you see you are going to need them to get your book signed. I’m not sure how many books King can sign in two hours but my guess would be around 600 (think he did 610 in France in two hours) and I can bet you that there will be more than 600 that wants to attend.

SO, KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN AND IF YOU WANT TO GO! GET A TICKET AS SOON AS THEY ARE RELEASED. Sorry for the caps but this is really important if you want to go.