I Need Help From King Fans Around the World

Posted: August 14, 2014, 13:45
Since there are a lot of you out there that are so much better than me to find things online I'm going to reach out to you with a request. I'm looking for three forigne books by King. Two of them I have found online but not in a book store that I can use creditcard or PayPal to pay with (which I would like to). So, if anyone can find these books online in a store that I can buy from I'd be very greatful!

Here are the info on the books.

#1: Basque
Amazon lists this version of Insomnia as being in Basqu language.
This might be the correct cover but I'm not 100%

#2: Georgian
Any title really but here are the info about their edition of Mr Mercedes

#3: Mongolian
As far as I have found they have only released Under the Dome and in two volumes

Part 1: Link

Part 2: Link

So, my hope now is that one of you here can find these in a bookstore where I can buy them and pay with creditcard or Paypal.

And now back to King news again. Thanks for your time!