King Translated Into 51 languages

Posted: August 8, 2014, 00:51:19

The hunt for Kingís books in different languages continues and during the last weeks I have actually found no less than X new languages.

The first two are versions of Spanish; Spanish Castellano and Spanish Latin. They differs like the UK and US versions of English so the books arenít very different but there are still differences.

The third is Brazilian Portuguese thatís different from the Portuguese they speak in Portugal.

The last two are Georgian (spoken in Georgia) and Bengali (spoken in Bangladesh).

Oh, and Iím thinking about including Braille as a language. I know itís not a language in its own but itís very different from every other book. So, if you count Braille I can now confirm that he is translated into 51 different languages and I bet there are more (I might have one more soon). Pretty impressive if you ask me!

Se covers in all the different languages here.

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