Me Getting Mr Mercedes

Posted: June 2, 2014, 13:34:44

I would like to try something. This week (Tuesday June 3rd to be exact) Kingís new book Mr. Mercedes is released. Some of you will probably get it on Monday and some on Tuesday, maybe some on Wednesday or Thursday. Either way, itís a big thing when a new King book is released and Iíd like to acknowledge that. So, what Iíd like you to do is this.

Send me a photo of when you get your copy. No matter if you get it in a store, in the mail or from a friend or from the library (hopefully youíre only loaning it if thatís the case). Take a photo of you and the book (no matter were in the world you are or what edition you get) and then Iíll publish the photos here on Liljaís Library. It will be fun to see everyone who got a copy. If you want, please include your name and location and Iíll post that as well. Itís also OK to post the photo on Liljaís Libraryís facebook wall and Iíll get it from there if you prefer that.

Please note though that this is not a contest, itís just for fun. Imagine if we could get a couple of hundred photos? How cool would that be? Who knows maybe even King would check that outÖ So, spread the word and send the photo. Iíll even go first!

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