Lilja's Library: The Number Game #6 (Last One)

Posted: May 26, 2014, 10:54:52

The 5th part of the contest is done and the 6th AND LAST is upon us. As with last week I want to thank you all for your fun photos. This week, like the previous one a lot of you put a lot of effort in your photos and that is good. The final winners will be picked by their photos so it’s worth putting some extra into it.

Those of you that didn’t win or didn’t send it a photo…do it this week. Don’t postpone it any longer, this is the last week

The right answer this time was Carrie. The number 40 because the book turns 40 this year and Girl because Carrie is a girl.

This time it’s a new riddle and it’s the same thing you need to do. Decide what book I’m looking for and take a photo of yourself with that book and send it to me. The question and more info can be found here.

The 10 entries drawn from the fifth question were sent it by the following people (please make sure you include your name):

The fifth 10 entries:
Bob Irland
Danielle Duffield
Malina Gillooly
James Parker
Henry Gershman
Jessica Rushing
Ron Breznay
Ann Richardson
Luca Gnuva
Hans von Wirth

You 10 don’t need to enter again, you are already in the drawing for the grand prize (you can though just for the fun of it if you want though).

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