Lilja's Library: The Number Game

Posted: April 23, 2014, 14:22:29

Lilja's Library celebrates 25,000 followers on facebook and the release of King's upcoming book Mr. Mercedes with a contest. What you need to do to enter is this:

During six weeks starting today I will post a number and a clue that if put together will give you a title of a King book.

Example (NOT this week’s contest)
Number: 2
Clue: First King book with this many authors
Answer: Talisman

If/when you solve the riddle you then take a photo of yourself and that book and send to me at info[a] I will then draw 10 entries each week (among the once with the correct answer) and put them in a pile (or on a page on Lilja’s Library). After doing this for 6 weeks that pile will have 60 entries. Out of these I will then draw three winners that each get a copy of the UK hardback of Mr. Mercedes (thanks to Hodder & Stoughton!).

Some details:

1) It doesn’t matter what edition of the book you use and if you don’t own that book you can always draw a cover yourself, or just print the title on a piece of paper and use that as a cover.

2) When I draw the 10 each week it will be on random but then when I draw the three winners I will actually pick 3. So you might want to put some effort into the photo, be creative and make it fun and unique.

3) You can only be picked once in the week drawing so if your entry is in the pile you can’t be put there again. You are free to enter just for the fun of it though.

4) You don’t need to be in all the contests but it will give you a better chance to be picked.

5) I will have a title in mind when I post the questions. There might be multiple right answers even though I’ll do my best to prevent that but if it does it’s my title that’s the correct one.

6) This contest is open to anyone anywhere.

Question 1: Entries no longer accepted (Number 6 & Volumes (Answer: Green Mile)
Question 2: Number 14 & Stories (Answer: Everything's Eventual)
Question 3: Number 15 & Assassin (Answer: 11/22/63)
Question 4: Number 19 & Beginning (Answer: The Dark Tower 1: The Gunslinger)
Question 5: Number 40 & Girl (Answer: Carrie)

Question 6: Number 12 & Shapeshifter

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