New story called Memory

Posted: February 27, 2006, 21:40
At his appearance at FSU in Florida King read a new short story called Memory:

On Sunday night, King gave his first public reading of a new short story called "Memory" that was inspired by what he termed his "nasty accident." He delivered the fictional account in front of a capacity crowd at Florida State University's Ruby Diamond Auditorium as part of the Seven Days of Opening Nights arts festival.

"I had seven minutes permanently burned out of my memory (when the van hit)," King said. "I did get one back of the guy coming over the hill heading toward me. It's like a coral islet in the sea. ... I have no idea if (the story) is any good, but what the h--l, I like it."

He then launched into the first-person narrative about a wealthy building contractor who is almost crushed to death when he's run over by a construction crane on a job site. The builder grapples regaining speech, thoughts of suicide, a deep hatred for a song by Reba McEntire and exactly what he may have done to his wife while recovering from his coma.

The Seven Days audience rewarded "Memory" with a standing ovation.

You can read the entire article from Tallahassee Democrat here.

Thanks to Bev Vincent and Miss X.