Original ending of 11/22/63

Posted: December 19, 2011, 23:18:32

Originally King had a different ending to his latest book 11/22/63 but after a suggestion from his son, Joe Hill, he changed it and now it looks like we might actually get to read the original ending as well… Here are what the moderator of King’s official board had to say about it.

I've read both of them and have been meaning to ask him if he would consider putting the first version on the site so people could compare. He told me he'd changed it because Joe had seen some problems with the way the first one was written but I don't know with 100% certainty whether Joe gave him specific ideas for the rewrite.

And then…

I was able to ask Steve about this, so here's his answer. Joe only told him that Jake had to meet Sadie again when she was an old lady but how that happened was completely Steve's idea so what we've read in the book was all Steve's writing based on Joe's suggestion to have Jake see Sadie one more time . He also told me it would be okay to put up the original version of the ending but I need to wait at least a month before doing so to give more people the chance to read it as published.

So, keep checking King’s site for that original ending to pop up.

Thanks to Pablo.

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