News about The Talisman

Posted: February 14, 2005, 23:25
There is now some news about The Talisman. Not much but it's always something. In an article Coming Soon reports the following:

And finally, IGN Filmforce says Kennedy assured the press that David Fincher's Benjamin Button is moving forward this summer. She said they will eventually get around to making Stephen King's The Talisman, but right now there's no director or start date for production.
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Here is part of an interview with Kathleen Kennedy that Dark Horizons did and this is what she had to say about The Talisman.

Dark Horizon: What's going on with Talisman? Is there a director attached?
Kathleen Kennedy: I wish there was. Well eventually get around to doing that. We love that story.
Dark Horizon: How long?
Kathleen Kennedy: We couldn't speculate because its all about finding the right person.

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