And the correct answers are...

Posted: September 12, 2011, 21:40:02

Here are the correct answers:

Question 1: What date did Lilja's Library premier on Twitter?
Answer 1: May 5, 2010

Question 2: What format is the book version of Lilja's Library released in?
Answer 2: Hardcover and eBook

Question 3: Who have I done the most interviews with for Lilja's Library?
Answer 3: Frank Darabont and Robin Furth (3 each)

Question 4: Who created Marv: The Library Police (Lilja's Library's mascot)?
Answer 4: Glenn Chadbourne

Question 5: What magazine named the book version of Lilja's Library Book of the Month¡¨ even before it was released?
Answer 5: Fangoria

Question 6: Which of these links can you NOT find on a) Guest book b) Apply for a job at Lilja's Library or c) Donate?
Answer 6: b) Apply for a job at Lilja's Library

Question 7: What was the first item I reviewed for Lilja's Library?
Answer 7: On Writing (20/6-00)

Question 8: Easy one today: How did you first hear about Lilja's Library?
Answer 8: Nothing could be wrong here :-)

Question 9: On the front of my book there is a blurb from Peter Straub but who wrote the blurb on the back?
Answer 9: Frank Darabont

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