Stud City: a TV-pilot?

Posted: June 7, 2000, 00:55
Production is set for August-November 2000 and it will air in early 2001.

Check out the official web page.

Stud City is the name of a new King TV-pilot that should have been filmed during July-August 1998 but has been delayed. It's based on a short part of the short story "The Body". It's one of the story told by Gordy Lachance in "The Body". It will be released as the pilot episode of the new cable TV series called "Night Moves".

In an mail to Lilja's Library the episodes director and scriptwriter Sean Parlaman said the following:

The release date is February 2001. It will be 48 minutes, for showing in a one hour TV time slot, but it will also make the short films festival circuit, and will be available on video.