The Plant Income/Expense Report

Posted: February 3, 2001, 15:49:20

Here are The Plant Income/Expense Report from King's site:

The Plant Income/Expense Report Through 12/31/00

Deposits to Philtrum through 12/31/00 $721,448.61

Compositing and design services $14,000.00

Print Ads $139,616.75
Ad Design $1,150.00
Total Ad $140,766.75

Web Hosting and Maintenance 102,849.59

Total Expenses 257,616.34

Net Profit $463,832.27

In The Plant FAQ the King also says that installment 7 may come within a year. Let's hope this means sometime in 2001!

Q: When does the next installment come online?
A: Installment Seven may come online within a year or so.

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