And here are the winners...

Posted: November 8, 2010, 22:59
Here are the correct answers and the winners in the Full Dark, No Stars contest:

Monday’s question: Name one of the illustrators for the limited edition of Full Dark, No Stars.
Monday’s answer: Tomislav Tikulin, Glenn Chadbourne, Jill Bauman, Alan M. Clark and Vincent Chongv.

Tuesday’s question: Name one of the stories in Full Dark, No Stars.
Tuesday’s answer: 1922, Big Driver, Fair Extension or A Good Marriage.

Wednesday’s question: Is King narrating Full Dark, No Stars?
Wednesday’s answer: No.

Thursday’s question: A cover for the UK edition surfaced before the correct one did. What is the difference between that one and the finished?
Thursday’s answer: It was upside-down.

Friday’s question: Name of the narrators of Full Dark, No Stars.
Friday’s answer: Jessica Hecht and Craig Wasson.

The five winners of an UK hardcover is Stefano Gatti, Per Andersson, Danijel Bogdanovic, Hans von Wirth and Espen Aukan.

The five winners of an US audio edition is Frank Hart, John Criss, Alexandra Jouns, Glenn Tseu and Fran Carrsson.