And the winners in the Blockade Billy contest are...

Posted: May 30, 2010, 23:55
OK, the Blockade Billy contest is over and it’s time to present the winners. But before I do that, here are the correct answers:

Question 1: Who has done the illustrations for Blockade Billy?
Answer 1: Alex McVey

Question 2: What’s the name of the team Blockade Billy play for?
Answer 2: New Jersey Titans

Question 3: What is Blockade Billy’s real name in the book?
Answer 3: Eugene Katsanis (many of you answered William Blakely but that isn’t his real name)

Question 4: What was included with the Cemetery Dance edition of Blockade Billy that wasn’t with the Scribner or Hodder editions?
Answer 4: A baseball card

Question 5: What dates where Cemetery Dance and Scribner’s editions of Blockade Billy released?
Answer 5: April 20 and May 25, 2010.

And here are the winners:

The winners who will receive the UK hardbacks are Brendon Boyce, Ariel Bosi, Henrik Nielsen, Danijel Bogdanovic and Christian Sjöblom.

The winners who will receive the US hardbacks are Mike Steen, Ruth Block, Jamy Smith, Hans Knopf, Gunter Wise, Rick Martelli, Siri Ander, Vera Jonsson, Hank Anderson and Lee Flack.

The winners who will receive the US audios are James Prendable, Diego Bialoskurnik, Sunny Cheong Kai Fei, Jeremy Eddy, Theresa E. Bowen, Eric Lupkes, Gordon Henderson, Fortunato Mario, Thomas Sanders and Lou Sytsma.