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Posted: May 3, 2010, 23:11:27

OK, a few days ago I killed of the email subscription list I ran in favor for the new facebook group. This I did because sending out the mails finally became too much work for me and I thought facebook would be a god alternative. Most of you agreed with me but quite a lot of you have also been disappointed with not getting the mails each day. Well, I have listened to you and as of now you can get mail updates again. My friend Herbert West told me about a way to send out mails automatically so I'll try it. After all, I want all of my readers to be happy.

So, click this link and follow the instructions. The first mail will probably go out tomorrow. Please know though that there will only be one mail sent out each day so if you want instant updates it’s still facebook or RSS feed you’ll have to use.

Oh, and please tell me what you think about the new list.

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