Update on The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

Posted: June 7, 2005, 11:16
Here is an update about The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County:

After a busy summer apart, rocker John Mellencamp and author Stephen King plan to plow forward with their stage musical later this year.

The two have been working on The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County for several years. They recently held a read-through in New York City, which Mellencamp called the most exciting thing that I have done in my career since somebody called me up in the early '80s and said I had a No. 1 album.

But changes will have to wait until fall.

I've got to do these shows this summer (and) Steve is finishing a book, says Mellencamp, who's written more than 20 songs for the musical. We're going to reconvene in the fall, make some changes and make it our job until we see it on the stage.

Thanks to Bev Vincent.