The winners...

Posted: October 5, 2009, 11:56:48

The latest contest has ended an here are the correct answers and the winners:

Monday’s Question: How many of the stories on these three new (released in September) are narrated by King himself?
Monday’s Answer: 2 stories. He also narrate the afterword but since that isn’t a story it doesn’t count.

Tuesday’s Question: How many discs do these three titles (the once released in September) contain together?
Tuesday’s Answer: The total number of disks are 13.

Wednesday’s Question: How many hours is the combined runtime of the three new audio books? A) 13, B) 14 or C) 15?
Wednesday’s Answer: A) 13

Thursday’s Question: Are any of the stories in these three audio books narrated as a full-cast dramatization?
Thursday’s Answer: Yes, Sorry, Right Number.

Friday’s Question: What separates The Beggar and the Diamond from the other stories?
Friday’s Answer: It's a re-telling of a Hindu parable

And the winners are: Nikolas Costello, Hannah R. Beck, Yamil Berrios, Thersa Bowen and Cyrus Simcoe. And the grand prize goes to Paul Thomas! Congratulations to you all!

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