New column and The $ave

Posted: September 14, 2009, 00:21
King's latest column is called What's Next For Pop Culture? It starts:

"Because I love the culture I write about, these columns are usually lighthearted. Not this time."

It is not yet online.

Also, EW has started up a new section called "The $ave", which recommends things based on how much money you have. In this week's issue it has this:

Stephen King says...
"I would go see the horror movie Carriers. Six bucks. A medium popcorn (lots of butter), Junior Mints, and Diet Pepsi can be had for an additional $12.50. A fine time, and a dollar left over for an instant-scratch lottery ticket. If my wife wants to come with me (doubtful, considering the subject matter), we'd share a small popcorn and Coke. For love, I can economize."

Thanks to willowlove