And the winners are...

Posted: July 19, 2009, 23:11:13

The race for an early copy of my book is over and here are the right answers and the winners that each will receive a galley of my book.

Question 1: When did the 2,000,000th visitor enters the site Swedish time (6 hours ahead of New York time)? A. Friday (July 10). B. Saturday (July 11) or Sunday (July 12
Answer 1: B. Saturday (July 11).

Question 2: When is the book version of Lilja’s Library being released (according to this site, not or anyone else)?
Answer 2: October 2009

Question 3: How many reviews do I have in the book?
Answer 3: 175

Question 4: How many interviews have I made for the book?
Answer 4: 40

Question 5: What did the first version of Lilja’s Library look like? A. Red printing on black background, B. White printing on black background or C. Red printing on white background
Answer 5: A. Red printing on black background

And the winners are:
Jesse Lankford
Stacey Bradley
Hannah R. Beck
John Suit
Douglas R. McDade

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