Buick in trouble

Posted: April 24, 2009, 18:37
It looks like From a Buick 8 might be in trouble:

Writer (and actor) Jonathan Schaech has been trying to get a feature film version of Stephen King's classic "From a Buick 8" up for a couple of years now. Despite the fact Tobe Hooper - director of classics like "Texas Chainsaw" and "Poltergeist" - is attached to direct, he's had no luck.

Schaech, who most will remember for his role as the chauvinistic lead singer in Tom Hanks' "That Thing You Do!", tells Bloody Disgusting that King himself loves the script for the film version, but that doesn't help get the movie made.

"It's a shame, man. It would be so much fun to make that movie and everyone will love it, too. Its not an easy time right now to make any kind of film in the business. The economy is piss-poor and film production is down 57 percent. I hope that we can make the movie. We really need this chance. It will get made one day. I'm pretty certain of it."

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Thanks to Rocky Wood