King want's to do t-shirts

Posted: December 9, 2008, 15:20:15

King want's your ideas for a t-shirt. This is from the official board:

Steve asked me to put this message on the Board which I have done in the News but am adding it here, too, so you can all give your feedback.

Hey, you guys--here's my latest big idea: what if we got t-shirts and sold 'em here at the site? We could mark 'em up a buck or two, nothing radical, and donate the profits to The Haven Foundation, or something. No big deal and no big profits, just something for fun. I was thinking CONSTANT READER and my signature but maybe you have your own ideas. I'm asking ahead of time so the ill-tempered among you won't flame me. Just one thing:


P.S. By the way, whoever left the Fritos crumbs in my office should be more careful next time!

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