Extra in a King story...

Posted: December 8, 2008, 16:06:10

Here is your chance to be listed as an extra in a King story... Read more in this mail from Subterranean Press:

Special Update, December 8:

Stephen King has granted readers the chance to be "extras" in their favorite novel or short story, filmed or not. Ever wanted to be listed as an attendee at Carrie's prom, or listed as one of the many who met their fate with a strong case of Captain Trips in The Stand? Here's your chance.

When you order Stephen King Goes to the Movies, you can list yourself as an extra in any published short story or novel, filmed or not. To take advantage of this chance to be listed in a special section at the back of Stephen King Goes to the Movies, just include the title of the movie or story you'd like to appear in in the comments section when checking out. We'll take it from there.

Important note for PayPal users, or those who've already ordered the book: Please drop us an email to "" listing your movie preference, and we'll set your name into the proper movie.

We did something similar for those who ordered copies of Mr. King's The Green Mile, and it proved our most popular promotion ever. As Stephen King Goes to the Movies is, at $75, only half the price of The Green Mile, we expect sales this time around to be even more brisk, so please get your order in soon.

Me? I can't decide between being one of Pennywise's victims, or meeting my fate in Wolves of the Calla.


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