And the winners are...

Posted: November 12, 2008, 01:21:23

The contest is over and here are the correct answers and the winners

Question 1: Name one narrator from Just After Sunset besides King himself.
Answer 1: Jill Eikenberry, Holter Graham, George Guidall, Ron McLarty, Denis O'Hare, Ben Shenkman, Skipp Sudduth, Mare Winningham and Karen Ziemba

Question 2: How many stories is there in Just After Sunset?
Answer 2: 13

Question 3: How many collections (including Just After Sunset) has King released that contains more then 6 stories?
Answer 3: 5: Skeleton Crew, Night Shift, Dreamscapes and Nightmares, Everything's Eventual and Just After Sunset. I haven’t included People, Places and Thing since it’s not really a book…

Question 4: What is the difference between the two US hardback editions of Just After Sunset that is being released?
Answer 4: One has a DVD with the story N. on

Question 5: Have any of the stories in Just After Sunset been filmed?
Answer 5: The Cat from Hell (In Tales from the Darkside – the Movie) and Harvey's Dream (a Dollar Baby)

Question 6: Name one of the working titles for Just After Sunset.
Answer 6: Pocket Rocket, Unnatural Acts of Intercourse, Unnatural Acts of Human Intercourse and Just Past Sunset

Question 7: What story in Just After Sunset is about the 9/11 event?
Answer 7: All the Things They Left Behind

Question 8: Is King reading anything more then Harvey's Dream on Just After Sunset?
Answer 8: Yes, the introduction and Sunset Notes

Question 9: What two stories where previously recorded (and released on audio CD) in Just After Sunset?
Answer 9: Stationary Bike & The Gingerbread Girl

And the winners are:

US hardback
Liam Karlsson from Sweden
Harvey Wire from the US
Linn Höög from Denmark
Liz Anderson from the US
Frank O’Hara from the UK
Stephen Lang from the US
Gregg Smith from the UK
Hassa Omack from Spain
Hans Clock from Germany
Samantha Kubb from the US

US audio
Bill Covert from the US
Lars Engman from SWEDEN
Alejandro Carmona Lopez from Mexico
Kevin Ryan from the US
Stephen Bamberg from the US
Craig Auman from the US7.
Linda Kinder from the US
Douglas R. McDade from the US
Sheila Cohen from the US

UK hardback
Alicia Riddle from the US
Luca Gnuva from Italy
Teresa Clayberger from the US
Stefan Lundén from Sweden
Danny Paap from Holland

The package with several audio titles
Tracy Juul from the US

The Signed audio copy
Jim Duckett from the US

Congratulations to you all!

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