And the winners are...

Posted: October 20, 2008, 13:45:28

The winners have been drawn but before I let you know who they are, here are the right answers:

Question 1: Originally conceived as a story-calendar, Cycle of the Werewolf grew to be a beautifully illustrated novella in 12 segments about Marty Coslaw, a young boy who must convince the townspeople of Tarker's Mills that there is a werewolf in their midst. How many copies were originally printed of the trade Edition in 1983?
Answer 1: 7500

Question 2: In Stephen King's "Letters from Hell" , This poster contains the full text of an article "Ever Eat Raw eat?", originally published by who?
Answer 2: The New York Times

Question 3: Gunslingers begin their training in the grassy yard behind the Great Hall. Their teachers, Cort and Vannay, teach them many things, including military tactics, gunplay, hand-to-hand combat, tracking, hunting, hypnotism, science and magic. To prove themselves, trainees must battle who in the grassy yard and defeat him?
Answer 3: Cort

Question 4: Is the Dark Tower King's first illustrated book? Yes/No?
Answer 4: Yes

Question 5: Who illustrated the famous signed limited edition of The Stand , produced by Doubleday in 1990?
Answer 5: Bernie Wrightson

And the winners are:
Tuesday’s prize: The Dark Half (red leather library)
- Nelson D Hill in the US

The Dead Zone (red leather library)
- Sharon Haas in the US

Gerald's Game (red leather library)
- John Suit in the US

The Dark Half (red leather library),
- Carlos Sader in Uruguay

1st edition of The Tommyknockers
- Hubert Spandowki in Poland

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